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Jacket with Fur Hood "PETITE" in Cream
green collection
Winter jackets with Fur
„Petite“ Jacket with Fur Cuffs
€490 €450
Jackets & Coats
Fur Hooded Jacket “Petite“ with XXL Fur
€399 €349
green collection

At WeLoveFurs we have specialized in parkas with the most exquisite genuine fur trims. On the one hand because parkas are timeless winter pieces –originating from cold Alaska. On the other hand, because there is no more uniquely beautiful eye catcher in winter than a stylish Fur hooded Parka with a real fur collar in maximum size.

Our Fur Lined Parkas are the perfect companion during the cold days of the year: the outside surface is made of finely webbed cotton and functional fibres, and for the inside you can choose yourself the degree of fur you would like to wear. Our current collection offers wonderful military inspired models, for example a Fur Lined Parka with genuine fur inner lining  and fur collar, as well as a brand new Fishtail Parka with a maximum big fur collar, or our classical Fur Hooded Parka “Mini” with red zips and maximum big fur collar. The “Mini” parka is also in classical black and called Fur Collar Coat “Mini”.

Independently of which model you choose, for every Fur Parka from WeLoveFurs only the most beautiful and highest quality fur is considered. We have extremely high quality requirements concerning our fur trimmings and check every single fur collar to ensure that it is of the highest quality and of the assured size. Our XXL Fur Collars are not only the biggest & most beautiful ones - they are also 100% eco-friendly and sustainable products from Finnish origin. They are coming from Finnraccoons skins from the wildstock, which are carefully selected for WeLoveFurs Fur collar production.
This makes a big difference to parkas from other providers – and therefore an original WeLoveFurs Fur Parka will definitely be your favourite piece in spring, autumn and winter. You can view many pictures of our satisfied customers who have bought Fur Lined Parkas and found them to be their favourite pieces on our Instagram profile welovefurs com

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As a responsible approach to/the responsible handling of fur is close to our hearts, you can also buy a parka with genuine fur of recycled origin: The inner lining of our GreenCollection Parka is a secondary product derived from Spanish red rabbits from the food industry. These animals are initially bred for food demand. In a meticulous procedure we choose the most beautiful fur and process it for the inner lining of our GreenCollection Parkas.

Our brand new Fishtail Parkas with XXL Fur are 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The XXL Collars used by us come from controlled wild stock from Finland and therefore do not require any additional animal breeding. All fur comes from a state certified hunter and is retraceable to origin. You can find detailed information about these unique products here.

Our Fishtail Parka is not only available in dark green, but also in classical black. We offer models with XXL collars in different colours.


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