Men Parka with Fur


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Mens Parka with fur

WeLoveFurs is the only fashion brand which offers Mens Parka with fur genuine and high quality XXL fur collars. Parka "Capitano" in black color is a classic amongst Men Parkas. Authentic military design meets puristic cut. The Mens Parka is rounded off with a large XXL fur collar. We offer this model as a Fur Lined Mens Parka too. The luxury version of the ‘’Capitano’’ comes with a high quality inner fur lining of European rabbit fur, and with an authentic fur collar of 100% sustainable origin. For fashion heroes who like to wear dark colours we have developed the legendary "Colonello". This Real Mens Fur Parka comes in a darkblue colour, and is compelling, with its long straight cut. Along with our parkas with a long cut we also offer a shorter Army Jacket with Fur Collar. The Mens Parka with Fur "Capo" comes in authentic military design with a removable hood. All XXL fur collars for original WeLoveFurs Men Parkas are 100% natural products and ecologically friendly. The fur comes from Finish stock and is therefore of the highest quality. Natural furs are not only thicker than bred fur, but also more robust and optically more beautiful. Perfect for all original WeLoveFurs parkas.


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