Sustainable natural fur & vegan faux fur

Kombinierbarkeit von Pelzkrägen

We love fashion. And we love the resources that nature offers us. Therefore, we want to be as responsible as possible and do without animal breeding as much as possible. Sustainability and glamour are combined at WeLoveFurs – and therefore you can choose between animal breeding free real fur and artificial vegan fur.

Green Collection - Nachhaltige Pelzkragen Produktion

All jackets that are labeled with „GreenCollection“ contain only Finnraccoon fur from Finnish wildstocks. As the Finraccoons don’t have natural enemies, their rapid reproductive rate has become a threat to the Finnish ecological system. State certified hunters control the stock and regulate the animal population. We secured the exclusive use of the fur resulting from hunting for our XXL collars. In this way we support the purposeful utilization of the fur and forgo animal breeding completely in order to offer you 100% sustainable fur collars.

WeLoveFurs fur collars guarantee you the highest level of sustainability and 100% European manufacture quality maintaining:
•    Environmentally friendly manufacture
•    No harmful chemicals
•    Short transport distances
•    European master craft

All of this guarantees that WeLoveFurs fur collars are first class premium products, which differentiate a lot in quality from mass produced products.

Premium Pelzkragen in verschiedenen Größen

For all fashionistas, who want to completely avoid animal products, we offer a 100% animal free alternative: our FauxFur Deluxe collection.

Our mission about faux fur is simple: all jackets that we offer must appear so authentic, that they are strikingly similar in appearance to original fur. We are collaborating with the luxury faux fur label FAUX AFFAIRS to be able to offer our customers 100% perfect fur imitations. Our „FauxFur Deluxe“ guarantee assures:
-    100% vegan, animal free imitation fur
-    Perfect fur imitation through years of expertise
-    Authentic FauxFox  Artifical Fur™
-    Full satisfaction – or free return & refund

But just see for yourself how real those animalfree jackets & coats look & feel. You've got a great choice.

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