WeLoveFurs jackets are meticulously handcrafted with the finest quality and most beautiful furs. That's why we promise you a 36 months guarantee covering free exchanges & repairs. Furthermore, we provide long-term quality services to ensure you can enjoy your jacket for years to come.

Repair and restoration of:

Seams between fur and leather parts that come apart

Seams on the outer material

Securely fixed buttons that come loose or have defects

Any kind of zip defects

Tears in fur collars

Fastening hooks or eyelets that come loose

Any other imperfections or defects indicating a product not properly delivered

Our extended 36-month warranty is valid from the purchase date of 16.11.2023 for all products where '36 Months Warranty' is advertised under the product description. The invoice with the purchase date serves as proof. For claims and warranty inquiries, simply send an email describing the flaw along with your order number to service@welovefurs.com.

Excluded from the warranty are the following cases:

Tears or damage caused by external impact (e.g., if your jacket catches on something and tears as a result)

Normal signs of use and wear (e.g., inner lining that slightly wears off or collects lint after a while of wearing; signs of use on the outer fabric)

Clumped down fillings caused by improper cleaning and excessive drying duration

Matted areas in the fur caused by repeated strong friction (e.g., regular sitting on your fur jacket might lead to this)

Stains or dirt of any kind

Material discoloration due to external influences (exposure to sunlight, improper cleaning)


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